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All Guilds Meeting - March 2014

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Didn't think it'd ever happen, did you?  Despite another server crash just before and one during, the delayed All Guilds Meeting for March finally took place today in Kirel.  The Net 6 caused two chatlogs to be produced, but they've been merged into one raw and one cleansed for your convenience!

Here's what happened at this rather long (and sometimes LOUD) meeting:

Zeke365's Cavern Events

Zeke365 was first in line to update everyone on his projects, Cavern Tours and Cavern Theater.  He is looking for someone to lead a European version of the Tours as he is unable to do so.  For the Theater, he has been working on a play based on Myst: The Book of Atrus and asked for some assistance on that as well. 

He also mentioned an upcoming project he was working on that would have a different type of game every so often (Jalak, marker, etc.)  If interested in helping with any of these, he can be contacted at or at Zeke3651 on the MOUL forums.

Heritage Night

Jamie Marchant was next to remind everyone that Heritage Night III is this Sunday, March 9th at 13:00 KI time.  This meeting's subject: The Hood of Illusions (where the meeting will take place) and how magic came to the cavern!  Keep in mind that Daylight Savings Time occurs in the US on that day.  The server should adjust accordingly, but check your KI to make sure you get there at the right time!

D'ni Language Classes/Tsahno's Hood Story Night

Shokhootahn Rehn came up next with updates on the popular D'ni language courses offered by him and his peers.  101 is still in session, with 201 set to begin starting Tuesday, April 8th at both 09:00 and 23:00 KI times and run for several weeks after.  If you missed out on D'ni 101, they will start again on Monday, May 5th with the same times (09:00 and 23:00) and also run for a few weeks down the line.

He also made a reminder about their Story Night, regularly held in Tsahno's Hood every Saturday at 22:30 KI time.  They are currently telling about the various kings of D'ni, with this week's being about King Demath.

Guild of Writers

Luna updated the crowd on the status of the open source work going on behind the scenes at the GoW.  Things are progressing with native Linux and Mac versions of the MOULa client.  Also in the works is a fix for the KI text that will make it MUCH easier to read on bright backgrounds (ie Minkata's sky during the day).  They're also working on getting video to work once more since Bink is no longer able to be used.

Lastly, she mentioned that they've made quite a bit of progress on "Plasma Transfusion", which is a command line tool designed by Deledrius to convert Blender-made Ages for use in Gehn shard, The Open Cave, and even MOULa down the line (Fehnir House being the latest example).  Previously, one needed an outdated version of the costly 3DS Max to achieve this.  Blender, on the other hand, is a free modeling tool that, when used with PyPRP 1.6, can produce Ages that can be used in offline...and now online...versions of URU.

D'ni O'lympics Recap

Kaaja was next to provide a summary of how the large-scale event went down last month.  She thanked everyone who not only participated in the events but also to those that made the events happen.  Medal winners from the pellet competition included TeamUSA_Roxxie with the bronze, DaH with the silver, and Ro'lympian with the gold.  Congratulations to everyone who made the event such a success!

face in puddle man

Face took to the stage to plug his URU themed videos posted on the Facebook group "Myst Online: URU Live (again)".  Technical difficulties were keeping him from posting them on Youtube, but we will update if/when this is fixed so everyone can watch.

Guild of Messengers

The sea of yellow was, of course, last to the stage.  Doobes took the time to reiterate the call for more interested parties to join in and participate on their various Guild projects...then teased everyone with a mysterious photo and a promise to elaborate upon it at next month's AGM!


The CAVCON meter for February finished out at an astounding 4.4!  Keep up those donations, you generous explorers!

See you in April!

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I would like to note that a mac/linux client is still quite some way off, we just keep making small steps towards it.


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